Volume 19, Issue 4 (Fall 2022)

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Five Loaves and Two Fish | Allen Crater
I didn’t have an inkling about pursuing fish with fur and feature until my older son decided he wanted to learn. The moment I landed my first fish—an eight-inch planter that today remains my greatest trophy—I unwittingly moved into Stage One of the five stages of fly fishing. 
Red Surge | Jake Hale 
Arriving at shore, we laughed incredulously as we tried to study the lazy roll of fish while assembling our rods. Then, we saw something unexpected. Why were bull trout sharing the same pool with the fat cutt-bows? Could they be spawning? Then my eyes adjusted and I saw it… 
Last Angler on Katherine Lake | Bob Covey 
Fish stocking programs in our national parks have become passé, but Yellowstone cutthroat in the Canadian Rockies’ high alpine apparently didn’t get the memo. To restore native fish populations, the planted species had to go, but not before one angler got on the lake for a few last casts. 
Hook-Bending, Mind-Blending | Chase Bohning 
In western waters, non-native eastern brook are often decried as invasive; a hybridizer and an occupier, stunted and dull. But my family puts them on a pedestal. When I think of brookies, I feel an ember glowing brighter somewhere inside my heart. 
Fifty Flies to Try Before you Die | Jeremy Davies 
Fill your fly boxes on the vise then fill your boots on the water with these searching nymphs, stealthy dries and seductive streamers. These patterns are tried, tested and trouty; from innovative fly tyer Jeremy Davies’ tying bench to your tippet, these are 50 flies to try before you expire. 

Plus, so much more!