Fly Fusion Volume 10, Issue 3 (Summer 2013)

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Stream Lines: The River Never Changes [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Rosy's Poon Bug [Kelly Oikawa]
Profiles: James Prosek [Peter Christensen]
Five Rules for Big Trout in Small Streams [Skip Morris]
People of the Ponoi [Jess McGlothlin]
Great Expectations and Realistic Returns [Grant Wiswell]
Chasing Keys Poon [Roy Tanami]
Stillwater Caddis [Brian Chan]
Long Lines: Casting - Style and Substance [Jeff Wagner]
Chasing Chrome: Terminology [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Saltwater Tying Q&A [Editorial Staff]
Fly Tiers Table: Morris May [Skip Morris]
Product Reviews: Check out gear from Orvis, Rio, Patagonia, Scott and many more!
Water Marks: In Praise of Smart Fish [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Stillwater Fly Box [Brian Chan]