Volume 20, Issue 1 (Winter 2022)

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A Seismic Shift | Matthew Komatsu
After the 2011 tsunami devastated Japan, I began to claim my heritage. Among all the ways I built this new sense of identity, none was more fitting than becoming a tenkara fly fisher. But could the traditional Japanese rods be used in Alaska, where I lived?

Breaking the Ice | Riley Leboe
Like the ringing of a dinner bell, the sound of ice breaking underneath our oars was the sign of the stillwater season starting at Camp Scud, our home for three days of adventure deep in the British Columbia backcountry.

High Drama on Hallowed Waters | Frank Brassard
After battling 30 kilometres of trail, much of it overgrown and strewn with blowndown trees, our bags were at our feet. The water was crystal-clear, piercingly cold and perfect for sight-fishing the big brook trout we knew lived in its depths. Whoever said it’s about the journey and not the destination has clearly never
hiked to Fortress Lake.

Editor's Choice Time-Tested Gear Reviews 
Over the past fishing season, we had our team log some serious miles in the selected boots and waders, put some serious strain on the chosen rods and reels, and hail some serious abuse on the packs, cases and organizers featured herein.

Plus, so much more!