Fly Fusion Volume 15, Issue 3 (Summer 2018)

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Seuss, Pooh, and the Inner You | Derek Bird
Greenwell’s Glory | Grant Bench
Profiles | Gary Borger
Slack Line Solutions  | Landon Mayer
Rainbows at Earth’s End | Adam Tavender
Recommended Summer Reading: The River | Ryan Sparks
A Case for New Caddis Patterns | Jeremy Davies
Deadly Accurate: The Musings of a Straight Shooter | Jeff Wagner
Seriously Salty | Derek Olthuis
Curing the Summer Stillwater Blues | Brian Chan
Key Ingredients to Killer Dries | Bob Reece
Fly Fusion Great Gear Giveaway
The Western Coachman | Wayne Luallen
Jim’s 12 Rules for Fishing with Seniors | Jim McLennan
Drakes, Damsels and Sexy Sally | Ben Byng
The Little Things | Jim McLennan
The Jig is up| Shawn Brillion