Fly Fusion Volume 15, Issue 4 (Fall 2018)

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Picture Yourself Fly Fishing | Derek Bird
Biot Stonefly | Jake Vanderweyden
Profiles | Kate Watson
Stream Sense: Improving Your Chances to Hook Up  | Jim McLennan
Fall ‘N Dreams | Matt Guymon
Overlooked Abundance: Terrestrials Through the Seasons | Ryan Sparks
Fly Fishing’s Million Dollar Man | Craig Matthews
Improving the Autumn Dry Fly Box | Jeremy Davies
Drifting in Boats, Casting Flies | Jeff Wagner
Chasing Turbo-Charged Browns | Derek Olthuis
Lake Lines | Brian Chan
Overtime Offerings: Extending Terrestrial Time | Bob Reece
The Bull Minnow | Daniel Zbylut
Stillwater Confessions | Jim McLennan
Fire & Ice | Colin Callbeck