Fly Fusion Volume 10, Issue 1 (Winter 2013)

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Stream Lines: For the Love of a Son… [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Dunnigan’s Soft Hackle PMD [Casey Dunnigan]
Long Lines: Practice, Practice, Practice [Jeff Wagner]
Winter Bulls [Mike McPhee]
The First Time Back [Jeff Lee]
Bugs in Three Dimensions [Rick Hafele]
Tying and Fishing Insect Cycles [Jeremy Davies]
Chasing Chrome: Steelhead Facts [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Bull Trout Flies [Darren MacEachern & Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Pioneer of a Revolution[Jake Ruthven]
Editor’s Choice: Best Gear for 2013
Water Marks: How Many is Enough [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Classic Wet Flies [Don Bastian]