Fly Fusion Volume 10, Issue 2 (Spring 2013)

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Stream Lines: The Fly Angler’s Hierarchy of Needs [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Sweet Premium Wine [Connor Murphy]
Profiles: Matt Smythe [Chris Bird]
Summer Run Steelhead [Adrienne Comeau]
A Complex Process [Jacob Gibb]
Skeletons in the Rod Closet [Jim McLennan]
Confused Flies [Steve May]
Long Lines: Fundamentals of Loop Shape [Jeff Wagner]
Chasing Chrome: Confessions of a Fly Snob [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Anyone Can Tie This [Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Fuzz is the Buzz [Al Ritt]
Product Reviews: Check out gear from Fish Pond, Loop, Simms, Patagonia and many more!
Water Marks: Boats… [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Essential Atlantic Salmon Flies [Mike Legge]