Fly Fusion Volume 9, Issue 4 (Fall 2012)

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Stream Lines: Why Not Now? [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: The Royal Vulture [Colin Callbeck]
Profiles: Gary Borger
New Zealand Spring Creeks [Dave Jensen]
The Urban Angler [James Spicer]
Atlantic Salmon on the Fly [Paul Smith]
The Downstream Dry Fly [Jim McLennan]
Chasing Chrome: Defining the Grip and Grin [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Caddis Flies [Darren MacEachern & Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Simplified Paradrake [Rick Harding]
Water Marks: Old Friends [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Streamers 365 [Darren MacEachern]