Fly Fusion Volume 13, Issue 4 (Fall 2016)

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The Dilemma | Derek Bird
Atherton Number Four | Ricky Bassett
Autumn Gold: Unorthodox Streamer Tactics for Fall Trout | Ryan Sparks
Small Streams Solitude | The Bug Parade
Steelhead Guide Secrets | Dana Sturn
Nearsighted: Focused on the Wealthy Banks | Rick Hafele
Murray Cod | April Vokey
Zombies, Ghosts and Multi-Legged Hosts | Robert Hinchliffe
Small Foam Flies for Fussy Trout | Jeremy Davies
Straight Line Path for Generation Z | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
The Realistic Baitfish | Rich Strolis
Degrees of Difficulty | Jim McLennan
Subsurface Style | Davy Wotton