Volume 19, Issue 3 (Summer 2022)

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Out of Joint | Frank Brassard 
Although many people will flow from one discipline to another without a second thought, some purists are quick to label anything other than their preferred method as mere variations of gear fishing (looking at you, dry fly snobs). I would put forward these anglers have yet to feel the surge of excitement that only watching a big fly being chased by an aggressive predator can produce. 
Follow the Bouncing Bug | Gilbert Rowley 
Caddis are one of the most abundant food sources on trout rivers. For many caddis species, after mating, the females return to the water and “bounce” on top of the water’s surface. Imitating this delicate dance is a terrific tool to deploy when trout are tuned into the irresistible rhythm. 
Silver Reflections  | Kastine Coleman 
“Fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon is a way to pass on traditions to our family and a chance to spark discussions about conservation. No longer do the rivers teem with silver, as the elders remember. But the present is a gift and we spend four months every year seeking this beautiful, silver fish with lilac hues, just to look at them for a quick moment.” 
Midnight Madness  | Glenn Ueda 
Calico bass are aggressive, ambush predators that make a living off the kelp-covered coast and rock islands that stretch 200 kilometres on either side of Los Angeles. To target these rod-buckling bruisers, while most of the city sleeps, fly anglers ply the inky waters just outside of America’s busiest harbour. 
No Contest  | Ryan Ermet 
“As a young guide, when our boats came in off the lake, we clipped our flies and secreted them back to their box. Contrast that with how I fish now, where I’m trading ideas and tips with a community of anglers. I’ve learned that sharing the resource, and the knowledge to connect to it, is much more satisfying than measuring one’s on-water success against other boats.” 

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